Propelling Women in Power Podcast

Michelle Chung, left, sits at a big table while interviewing guest Dominique Brossard, right. Mary Riker takes notes and prepares questions with a notebook, center. UW–Madison undergraduates Michelle Chung (left) and Mary Riker (middle) with Dominique Brossard (right). Mark E. Griffin

Women are integral members of the energy science community and play an enormous role in developing an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future for the field of energy.  From nuclear engineers to atmospheric scientists to ecological researchers, they inspire and empower their coworkers and mentees to break the glass ceiling while contributing to these ever-growing fields of discovery.

Propelling Women in Power is a podcast about the careers of women in energy at the Wisconsin Energy Institute on the UW–Madison campus and our sister institution, the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center.  It is our goal to highlight their individual experiences, mentors, and work-life balance, while seeking advice for young women in science and asking the question: “Who and what facilitated your success?”

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