WEI Research The Wisconsin Energy Institute has three primary areas of research: electricity systems, transportation and fuels, and sustainability and society.

Forward in Energy

Energy powers everything – our homes, our cars, our food systems, our economy, and our wellbeing. And yet our current energy system's reliance on fossil fuels means that energy use is also the primary driver of one of society's most pressing issues, global climate change.

The challenge of transitioning our neighborhoods, highways, and economy away from fossil fuel dependence and toward clean energy is both possible and already underway. Everyday new technologies, solutions, and policies are creating more resilient, reliable, and sustainable systems of energy.

At the Wisconsin Energy Institute (WEI), our work is part of the solution. We focus on two areas of research – electricity systems and transportation and fuels – that together account for more than two thirds of the United States' total energy use. A third area of research, sustainability and society, focuses on the political, social, environmental, and economic contexts of our energy systems. 

By crossing traditional research boundaries and creating valuable partnerships, we are transforming the way we think about energy and changing the way we use it.