Wisconsin Circular Bioeconomy Workshops

A collage of switchgrass growing in a field, an overvhead view of a wastewater treatment plant, an anaerobic digestion facility, and biofuel hydrolysate fermenting A robust, circular, bio-based economy would create jobs, help decarbonize Wisconsin industries, and promote statewide rural economic development.

WEI has been hosting a series of workshops and events around the state that are helping to lay the groundwork for the development and growth of a circular, bio-based economy in Wisconsin. Funded by a $125,000 grant from the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN2), the events bring together and facilitate collaboration between the diverse stakeholders in the circular bioeconomy ecosystem, in which renewable and waste resources are used as raw materials, substituting biomass-based and recycled carbon for fossil carbon in energy and products.

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These events are connecting agricultural and forestry producers, technology innovators, industry, and policymakers to identify and explore the economic gaps and opportunities and establish the stakeholder networks that are critically necessary to developing a robust circular bioeconomy.

Workshops to date have been held on three key new and emerging areas of the bioeconomy: Renewable Natural Gas, Carbon Management, and Sustainable Aviation Fuels and Biobased Chemicals. A May 2023 workshop reviewed and prioritized learning from each of the earlier workshops held on these major areas of the bioeconomy.

The next event in the series is a conference entitled Sustainable and Healthy Landscapes for a Circular Bioeconomy. We will also discuss interest in future meetings and a possible ongoing organization to continue to share knowledge and develop stakeholder connections in the bioeconomy. The conference will be hybrid, supporting in-person and online participation.

There is no cost to attend the all-day conference and breakfast and lunch will be provided for in-person attendees. Registration is required and space may be limited.

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These events are presented in partnership with the Wisconsin Biogas Council , the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council , the Wisconsin Technology Council , and the Wisconsin Farmer's Union .

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