| Britta Wellenstein

Jaime Garibay Rodriguez is a postdoc in the Morgan Edwards' Climate Action Lab studying sustainable energy transition systems. He got his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Instituto Tecnológico de Celaya, Mexico. He provides insight on the importance of mentors and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Electricity Systems, Energy & Society, Environmental Studies, Modeling

| Britta Wellenstein

Ciaran Gallagher is a graduate researcher in the Holloway lab studying air quality models. Ciaran studied environmental chemistry at Wellesley, but has since used her analytical skills outside of the laboratory to assess science policy and environmental justice.

Women in STEM, Energy & Society, Environmental Studies, Policy & Regulation, Modeling


Will be charged with advancing and growing the college’s $166 million research portfolio

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| Chris Hubbuch

The competition challenges undergraduate teams to develop a wind energy project and design, build, and test a model wind turbine.

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| Chris Hubbuch

Co-authored by UW–Madison professor Gregory Nemet, the first comprehensive assessment of the state of carbon dioxide removal highlights the need for a massive increase in new technologies that can take carbon from the atmosphere and store it indefinitely, a challenge being studied by other UW–Madison researchers. 

Carbon capture, Policy & Regulation, Science Communication

| Abigail Becker

As issues of climate change and environmental justice disproportionately affect communities of color, Kaiping Chen, an assistant professor in University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Department of Life Sciences Communications (LSC) and her team aim to empower and amplify Black and Latinx voices in susta

Energy & Society

| Adam Malecek

In energy policy debates, nuclear energy and renewable energy technologies are sometimes viewed as competitors.

In reality, they could be better, together.

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