| John Allen
Due to climate change, the electrical grid is faces greater demand than ever, while it also faces more threats. Professor Line Roald studies the electrical power grid, seeking ways to help communities produce low-cost, sustainable energy.

Energy & Society

| Esther Seidlitz
Gregory Nemet explains how small innovations in clean energy can make a big difference.

Energy & Society

| Jori Skalitzky
UW food scientists are turning a Greek yogurt offshoot into something more saccharine — and potentially more profitable.


| Hal Conick
Vatsan Raman is "supercharging evolution" to create an army of bacteria-killing phages that can combat antibiotic-resistant microorganisms.


| Michelle Chung, Mary Riker, and Mark E. Griffin
In this short recap of Propelling Women In Power Season 1, we unite the highlights from our conversations with ten amazing women in energy science, who range from nuclear scientists to science communication leaders to microbiological problem-solvers and beyond. Here, we take a look back at their challenges, solutions, and advice to young women in science.

Women in STEM

| Chris Barncard
Tracey Holloway, atmospheric scientist and professor in the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, has been elected a member of the National Academy of Medicine in recognition of her leadership in initiatives to connect climate with health.

Women in STEM, Energy & Society, Policy & Regulation

| Jason Daley
At the beginning of each group meeting, the members of Conway Assistant Professor Matt Gebbie’s lab pause for a short researcher highlight to discuss a notable underrepresented or minority researcher who helped shape chemical engineering, chemistry or broader science, placing their portrait on the wall.

Energy & Society