| Power Points
Power Points recently sat down with Tyler Huebner, executive director of the renewable energy advocacy and education organization Renew Wisconsin, to talk about net metering and solar growth across the U.S., as well as to get his take on the future of the solar market in Wisconsin and beyond.

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| David Tenenbaum

For decades, American energy companies have tried to persuade customers to use less energy. Using giveaways and various other financial incentives, utilities have promoted new light bulbs, miserly showerheads and smart thermostats.

Electricity Systems, Economics

| Krista Eastman

Ask microgrid pioneer Bob Lasseter about the origins of the microgrid and he cuts straight to the engineering, talking about a small but powerful generator he saw once in 1998 and how it got him thinking.

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| Engineering External Relations

At a Feb. 17, 2017, ceremony, College of Engineering Dean Ian Robertson honored 10 faculty and staff for their exceptional research, teaching and service. The award recipients include:

Byron Bird Award for Excellence in a Research Publication
Recipient: David Beebe

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| Jenny Peek

These are some of the comments Cathy Middlecamp remembers hearing during her career in science at UW-Madison, where she was hired as a lecturer in 1979.

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