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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Collegiate Wind Competition (CWC) is an incredible learning opportunity for its college-age participants.

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Three startup companies led by College of Engineering faculty members have received funding from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Discovery to Product (D2P) unit as part of the state of Wisconsin’s State Economic Engagement and Development Research Program.


| La Follette School of Public Affairs
Solar energy, an intriguing novelty 15 years ago, has become a substantial global industry, exceeding expectations of even the most optimistic experts. How did this happen? And why did it take so long?

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| Sam Million-Weaver
Sometimes, flaws are what makes a thing special. That’s the case for a type of material called optical quantum emitters, which send out light in an exceptionally precise manner, one photon at a time, often due to tiny imperfections in a crystal’s structure. The ability to emit light one photon at a time could allow optical quantum emitters to become the backbones of ultrafast computers, super high-resolution sensors and uncrackable long-range secure communication technologies.

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| Sam Million-Weaver
A promising alternative to conventional power plants, solid oxide fuel cells use electrochemical methods that can generate power more efficiently than existing combustion-based generators. But current fuel cell technologies tend to degrade too quickly, eating up any efficiency gains through increased cost. Now, in an advance that could help lead the way toward longer-lived green energy devices, engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have revealed new insight about the chemical reactions that power fuel cells.

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Media coverage of WEI this month focused on UW–Madison students learning by doing, the Midwest as an energy innovation hub, and how GLBRC research is honing in on more valuable products for the biofuels industry.

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| David Tenenbaum
A survey of the world’s top universities placed the University of Wisconsin–Madison as the seventh-greatest source of U.S. patents.