2018 Feb
February, 2018


Bio-renewable process could help “green” plastic

Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC) scientists are trying to take the pliable nature of plastic in another direction, developing new and renewable ways of creating plastics from biomass.

2017 Nov
November, 2017

New technique could slash energy use in making silicon

UW–Madison’s Song Jin, with UW researchers Yifan Dong,Tyler Slade, and other colleagues, have published a recipe
for a simpler electrical extraction of silicon that uses much less energy.

2017 Oct
October, 2017

UW student energy and sustainability prize winners: where are they now?

On the five-year anniversary of the Wisconsin Energy Institute’s (WEI) Wisconsin Energy and Sustainability Challenge (WESC) prizes, WEI reconnected with past winners to find out where their projects are now and to learn how the WESC experience shaped their undergraduate experience and early careers.