For UW–Madison Students

For Students The Wisconsin Energy Institute provides a number of academic opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students, including research opportunities, student organizations, career resources, and degree programs in energy.


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Research Opportunities
Undergraduate students at UW–Madison have a unique opportunity to work directly with faculty and staff who are on the cutting edge of clean energy research, and to learn by doing in laboratories all across campus.

Academic Programs
Students interested in energy studies at UW–Madison have a number of formal programs to choose from. Here is a list of energy-related certificates, degrees, distance degrees, and degree focus areas offered to both undergraduate and graduate students at UW–Madison.

Career Resources
This section contains a number of resources to help students find information about careers in energy, including career workshops, professional development seminars, jobs boards, and more.

Student Organizations
The Office of Sustainability maintains a listing of student organizations with missions that pertain to sustainability and/or environmental topics. This includes several organizations that are focused on clean energy. Click the links in the listing to find out more about each organization.