Podcast: The Fig Tree with Stephanie McFarlane

How do we choose our path when the tree of life bears more fruit than we can feast on? How can we live without fear that our unchosen, yet still desired, fruits will not wither as we can only harvest a few? Today, Stephanie McFarlane, a graduate student in Ellen Damschen's lab at the University of Wisconsin–Madison's Department of Integrative Biology, mother of three, and mentor to multiple undergraduate students, shares how her perspective on choosing the fruits on her own personal tree of life has changed with each choice and subsequent branch. As a first-generation college student fueled by a passion for plants, she shares her journey of restarting her PhD and finding balance as a research, mentor, and mother.

She gives us her insights on the changes that can be made to build a more diverse community of scientists and how in doing so we can make our science stronger and better. McFarlane speaks to us from an extra special perspective as the research mentor of co-host Michelle Chung.

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