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The Wisconsin Energy Institute (WEI) is working on one of the most critical challenges of our time – the transition toward new, clean energy systems and solutions. WEI is led by scientists and engineers committed to crossing traditional research boundaries in order to make major breakthroughs in the way we source and use energy. The collaborative home of energy research and education at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, WEI fosters projects across disciplines, prepares the energy leaders of today and tomorrow, and enhances public understanding of energy issues.
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Power from Plants

Bioenergy done right can be a climate-friendly way to power the world. Join us on Tuesday, September 21, at 6pm Central Time to hear from researchers at the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center who are making bioenergy’s promises a reality.

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A flyer for the Power from Plants event including headshots of the planned speakers

Energy-Saving Fair

The Office of Sustainability and the Wisconsin Energy Institute have teamed up with Focus on Energy to offer heavily discounted energy- and water-saving products to UW–Madison faculty and staff, as well as to students who live off-campus.

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A flyer showing the various products available during the energy-saving fair

Energy and Climate Justice

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are faced with disproportionate harm from our energy systems and the impacts of fossil fuel use. In our new Energy and Climate Justice space, we explore the associations between racial, economic, and environmental justice in order to educate both ourselves and our audiences on these topics – and to inform our research and outreach.

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Forward In Energy Forum

The Wisconsin Energy Institute's (WEI) Forward in Energy forum brings together experts from across UW–Madison to address the many dimensions of our global transition to clean energy systems. Learn more about our Forward in Energy forums here.