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The Wisconsin Energy Institute (WEI) is working on one of the most critical challenges of our time – the transition toward new, clean energy systems and solutions. WEI is led by scientists and engineers committed to crossing traditional research boundaries in order to make major breakthroughs in the way we source and use energy. The collaborative home of energy research and education at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, WEI fosters projects across disciplines, prepares the energy leaders of today and tomorrow, and enhances public understanding of energy issues.
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Forward In Energy Forum

The Wisconsin Energy Institute's (WEI) Forward in Energy Forum brings together experts from across UW–Madison to address the many dimensions of our global transition to clean energy systems. Join us on November 28 at 4:30 pm for our next forum to discuss energy and the media.

In a society that seems ever more polarized, people access and process information that is contrary to their belief systems in very different ways. How do science communication researchers examine the way the public engages with science? And how can scientists themselves maximize the way they communicate their findings to the world?

Register here as space is limited, refreshments will be provided.