Sustainable Energy Seminar Series

Seminar Series The Sustainable Energy Seminar Series takes place each semester and features UW-Madison research scientists delivering academic talks about their work in energy innovation.

The Wisconsin Energy Institute helps facilitate a seminar series focused on UW–Madison expertise in sustainable energy. The series provides students and the public with the opportunity to explore sustainable energy solutions, learn about the challenges facing sustainable energy, and interact with experts from across campus.

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Feb 10
February 10

Unravelling the unsteady fluid dynamics in wind and hydrokinetic energy systems

3:30pm | 1115 Wisconsin Energy Institute

In this Sustainable Energy Seminar, Jennifer Franck, Assistant Professor of Engineering Physics, will discuss research into unsteady fluid flows using computational tools. By gaining a better understanding of the flow physics, the goal is to harness these fundamental principles to help improve the performance of renewable energy systems such as wind or wave turbines.