Podcast: Chocolate Cake with Dominique Brossard

How do we have conversations about the things that matter to us with people with whom we disagree? Where do we find common ground? And how do we make decisions about our future that reflects on those difficult challenges while moving society forward? Today, Dominique Brossard, professor and chair of the department of life sciences communication at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, gives us a glimpse into the science behind finding common ground with a perfect analogy: chocolate cake.

Brossard talks about how her own journey inspired her to look into how we can understand different worldviews and offers advice on how to build a diverse community of scientists from her own perspective as a woman in STEM at the top of her field.

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Hosts: Michelle Chung and Mary Riker
Producers: Michelle Chung, Mary Riker, Mark E. Griffin
Editors: Michelle Chung, Mary Riker, Mark E. Griffin

Music composed and performed by: Mark E. Griffin