About Header Image The Wisconsin Energy Institute's collaborative research spans a wide range of disciplines and sectors, from research on electric vehicles and storage (left) to studies on the ecological benefits of sustainable biofuel crops (right).

Forward in Energy

The Wisconsin Energy Institute (WEI) is the collaborative home of energy research and education on the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus. Together, we can move the state, nation, and world forward in energy.

At the heart of the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus, WEI is tackling one of the most critical challenges of our time – the transition away from fossil fuel dependence toward new clean energy systems and solutions.

Energy Summit WEI provides a forum for researchers, industry professionals, students, and members of the public to discuss current energy-related issues.

A leader in clean energy research, WEI is led by scientists and engineers committed to crossing traditional research boundaries and making major breakthroughs. WEI works closely with industry leaders to ensure that its technologies strengthen Wisconsin’s economy and improve the health and wellbeing of its citizens.

WEI also provides a place for the exchange of forward-looking ideas. We create a public forum in which to learn about and discuss energy challenges, and help prepare students and community members to take the lead in transitioning the world to clean energy.

Whether unlocking the power of advanced biofuels, rethinking the electric grid, or bringing together critical stakeholders, WEI is proud to contribute to the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s legacy of solving society’s most pressing challenges.

WEI is administered by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research at UW–Madison.