UW–Madison Spinoffs

UW–Madison research has the power to transform the economics of clean energy in Wisconsin, the U.S., and the world. The spinoff companies listed here, all of which bring new technologies and products to the marketplace, have roots in energy research first conducted at UW–Madison.

The spinoff companies marked with have operations in the state of Wisconsin.

C-Motive Technologies

C-Motive Technologies is an early-stage startup developing fundamentally new ways of producing motion with electricity. By using electrostatics instead of the electromagnetics of the past century, C-Motive creates entirely new capabilities, including new materials, manufacturing techniques, and applications for electric machinery.

ChloBis Water

ChloBis Water is on a mission to unlock the potential of water desalination by developing a revolutionary desalination battery. ChloBis Water’s technology combines salt removal, energy generation and storage, and commodity chemical production to address challenges at the intersection of the water-energy nexus.

Earth RepAIR

Earth RepAIR is a new technology that recycles waste materials that already exist to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and safely store it as a stable mineral. The team, led by future climate leaders committed to mitigating the climate crisis through carbon removal, use an innovative process that occurs at ambient conditions—no heat input or pressurization needed—thereby reducing costs and emissions, giving us a higher net sequestration of CO2.

Flux XII

Flux XII is an organic energy solutions start-up company developing flow battery technology based on work from Dawei Feng, the Y. Austin Chang Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering in UW–Madison's College of Engineering. The Flux XII team has developed proprietary flow battery chemistries with improved safety, lifetime, area footprint, energy efficiency, and cost.


NovoMoto is a Sustainable Social Enterprise that aims to provide clean, renewable, and sustainable electricity to communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and other sub Saharan African countries in the future.


Pyran has developed a renewable process to manufacture 1,5-pentanediol, a key chemical used to make paints and plastics. Pyran’s patented process uses renewable wood and crop waste resources to make 1,5-pentanediol at over 2x lower prices than competing oil-based products.

Realta Fusion

A Madison-based startup called Realta Fusion aims to develop commercially viable fusion technology that could help offset global greenhouse gas emissions. 

SHINE Technologies

Founded in 2005 by Greg Piefer, SHINE Technologies is exploring commercial applications of nuclear fusion technology as part of its pursuit of an innovative, deliberate pathway to clean, abundant fusion-based energy production. Piefer believes that fusion energy should become the world’s primary source of power in order for humanity to continue its growth and industrial development.


Silatronix is the leading producer of patented organosilicon (OS) materials that enable extreme performance in Li-ion batteries. Silatronix OS compounds extend cell life, increase cell capacity, expand temperature operability ranges, and allow safe and effective use of higher charge voltages in Li-ion batteries, while improving Li-ion battery cell safety and stability.

Type One Energy

Type One Energy is founded by experts and technology from the University of Wisconsin, a world leader in stellarator R&D, with the mission to provide clean, affordable fusion power to every city across the globe.


Using patented catalytic chemistry, Virent converts soluble biomass-derived sugars into products identical to those made with petroleum, including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and chemicals used for plastics and fibers.


Xylome uses newly developed yeast strains to transform hard-to-digest sugars into commercially viable, second-generation ethanol and biodiesel precursors and to synthesize a host of advanced biorenewable products.