How To Partner

At the Wisconsin Energy Institute (WEI), we place a special emphasis on forging creative partnerships with industry.

Our team of staff, scientists, and engineers understand that disruptive new energy technologies can dramatically alter the economics of clean energy, and have the persistence, knowledge, and expertise needed to help move exciting new energy technologies to the marketplace.

For more information on how to partner with us, please contact WEI’s associate director, Mary Blanchard.

Inventions for Licensing

WARF Clean Technologies
In partnership with the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), WEI works to commercialize its innovative energy technologies. From "smart" grids to biofuel, solar, and wind technologies, for decades UW–Madison scientists have been developing real-world solutions to the energy challenge.

Sponsoring Research

Office of Business Engagement (UW–Madison)
The Office of Business Engagement connects industry with the research, talent, and solutions of UW–Madison, one of the world’s top universities. They help companies achieve their goals, build relationships, and make an impact. Sponsored research partnerships include access to UW–Madison's academic and scientific infrastructure with a goal of transforming discoveries into resources and products that address real-world issues.

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Education (UW–Madison)
The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education oversees more than $1 billion in annual research expenditures, a figure that puts UW–Madison’s volume of research as one of the highest in the nation.

Other Ways to Partner

Collaborate on a grant proposal.
Whether you’d like us to be a part of your research proposal or you need us to play an advisory role, we are open to collaborative funding efforts and have the breadth and depth of experience necessary to help develop competitive proposals.

Join a research consortium.
UW–Madison is home to a number of successful, long-standing research consortiums focused all or in part on energy technologies. Visit these consortiums’ web pages for more information on the many benefits of joining.


WEMPEC (Wisconsin Electric Machines & Power Electronics Consortium)
WEMPEC is an internationally renowned power electronics research and electric machines research group located at UW–Madison. With the support of our 80+ corporate sponsors, our team of professors, graduate students, and international scholars work together to research and develop the newest technologies and techniques in electric machines, power electronics, actuators, sensors, drives, motion control, and drive applications.


PSERC (Power Systems Engineering Research Center)
The Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC) draws on university capabilities to creatively address the challenges facing the electric power industry. Its core purpose is to empower minds to engineer the future electric energy system. The multidisciplinary expertise of PSERC researchers includes power systems, applied mathematics, complex systems, computing, control theory, power electronics, operations research, non-linear systems, economics, industrial organization and public policy. PSERC partners with private and public organizations that provide integrated energy services, transmission and distribution services, power system planning, control and oversight, market management services, and public policy development.

Share information and materials.
We welcome the opportunity to incorporate industry knowledge and tools into research that can answer questions relevant to industry today.

Sponsor education and outreach events, or student competitions.
We welcome corporate sponsorship of our many public events. We also organize programs that educate the public and K-12 teachers, and competitions that reward UW–Madison students for developing new clean energy technologies.