2017 Annual Report

Letter from the Director

Tim Donohue WEI Interim Director Tim Donohue

I am proud of the work that WEI has done and I'm excited about its future.

Tim Donohue

Five years ago, the Wisconsin Energy Institute opened its doors for the first time. Since then, we've hosted hundreds of programs, created opportunities for dialogue, and facilitated groundbreaking research on one of the biggest challenges of our time - the transition to new, clean energy systems and solutions. Continue Reading

Forward in Energy

The Year in Photos

We connected with energy stakeholders, welcomed groups from all over the world, and provided a place for the exchange of forward-looking ideas. 

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Statewide Outreach Map

WEI’s outreach programs touch thousands of K-12 students, teachers, and community members throughout Wisconsin. 

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World-class Energy Research

Expanding Our Bioenergy Research

The U.S. Department of Energy announced it will fund the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center for five more years.

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Unlocking the Secrets of Biomass

The efficient eating habits of a fungus-cultivating termite could help us break down biomass.

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Engineering Plants for Energy

A newly identified gene helps time spring flowering in bioenergy crops such as switchgrass.

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Improving the Economics of Biofuels

Creating commodity chemicals from biomass could lower the cost of biofuels.

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Fulfilling the Promise of Sustainable Bioenergy

While the potential climate benefit of cellulosic biofuels is real, it depends on good management.

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Harnessing the Power of Bacteria

Increasing lipid production in bacteria could enable alternatives to petroleum-derived fuels and chemicals.  

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Far-reaching Education & Outreach

Strengthening Classrooms with Energy Science

Shawano County teacher Lisa Sorlie brought hands-on energy curriculum back to her students. 

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Connecting Student Research to Wisconsin

Capstone students created a critical energy analysis for the City of Waterloo.

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Providing Students Research Opportunities

Green Bay-native Max Haase discovered a "Packers" yeast and uncovered a decades-old mistake in the yeast family tree.

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Preparing Students to Lead

WiscWind team members developed a wind turbine design for national competition.

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Inspiring Students to Innovate

For almost five years the Wisconsin Energy and Sustainability Challenge (WESC) has rewarded students who develop energy innovations.

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Public Policy & Industrial Engagement

Launching Spin-offs

Spinoff GlucanBio converts biomass into three potentially profitable streams of industrial chemicals.

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Partnering with Stakeholders

New decision support tools enable farmers, landowners, and policymakers to chart the future of sustainable bioenergy in Wisconsin.

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Providing Industry Breakthroughs

The Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center published its 1,000th scientific paper, highlighting its role in bringing advanced biofuels to the marketplace.

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Supporting Dialogue in the Utility Industry

The Wisconsin Public Utility Institute welcomed new director Lori Sakk, and continued to foster collaboration among utility stakeholders.

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More Information

2017 WEI Grants

WEI's major funding awards in 2017.

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2017 WEI Awards

 UW energy experts who received awards or honors for their work.

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Thank You!

We thrive thanks to contributions from our community of supporters. Donor support strengthens our efforts to move the state, nation, and world forward in energy.

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