| Mark E. Griffin

MADISON – Scientists at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC) have found a way to nearly double the efficiency with which Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a commonly used industrial yeast strain, converts plant sugars to biofuel.

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| Krista Eastman

MADISON -- When scientists reported in 2014 that they had successfully engineered a poplar plant “designed for deconstruction,” the finding made international news.

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| Renee Meiller

In 2014, when University of Wisconsin–Madison engineers announced in the journal Nature Communications that they had developed transparent sensors for use in imaging the brain, researchers around the world took notice.

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| Lexy Brodt

Fellowships provide graduate students with critical financial support as they pursue advanced degrees.

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| Krista Eastman

Midwest Energy News has placed Daniel Ludois, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering and an affiliate of the Wisconsin Energy Institute (WEI), on its “40

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