| Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI)

During the kraft process used to convert wood into wood pulp, the structural material lignin is partially converted into molecules like stilbene. Stilbenes are also naturally occurring in plants and some bacteria, and may play a role in plant pathogen resistance.

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| Lexy Brodt

An international team of researchers has created a nanoceramic material that not only can withstand the harsh effects of radiation, but also becomes tougher under radiation.

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| Libby Dowdall

The second most-produced organic chemical in the world, propene is a key component of plastics found in consumer goods such as electronics, clothing and food packaging.

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| Mark E. Griffin & Ben Golden

When we think of what energy research looks like, we might imagine scientists debating measurements on the physical nature of energy systems, or engineers in a lab designing a new kind of solar panel.

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| David Tannenbaum

For James Steele, moving from the small fermenters where microbes make cheese, wine and beer to the multimillion-gallon tanks where corn is converted to ethanol was a natural progression.

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