WEI in the news: April media mentions

A student adjusts a turbine at the 2019 KidWind Challenge at the Wisconsin Energy Institute. Christopher Daley/Getty Images, Kevin Chukel, WEI

Media coverage of WEI this month focused on KidWind, negative emissions, air quality, and bioproducts.

UW Study: Turning off the lights reduces both economic, human costs

Sure, turning off the lights can lower your utilities bill, but a recent University of Wisconsin-Madison study suggests another reason to flip the switch — it can save lives.

That’s because power plants are a major source of air pollution — including carbon dioxide — that affects global climate, as well as pollutants that directly impact human health, said Tracey Holloway, a professor in the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and senior author of the study.

Resources Radio: Carbon Dioxide Removal, with Greg Nemet of the University of Wisconsin–Madison

Host Kristin Hayes talks with Greg Nemet, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the La Follette School of Public Affairs and the Nelson Institute's Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment. They discuss the future of carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere, with a particular focus on negative emissions technologies.

Harnessing the wind: Students test turbines at Wisconsin KidWind Challenge

Darlington Middle School students Alyza Johnson and Ashley Wick said the 49 wind turbines dotting the land around their community piqued their interest in a contest where they could construct and test their own smaller versions of the machines.

Nuclear power in the age of the Green New Deal

Energy experts, climate change organizers, and lawmakers are at odds about whether to expand or retract our dependence on nuclear power. We discuss the current technology behind managing and storing nuclear waste and explore what would be required to advance this zero carbon energy creator.

WisBiz: 'The Show' covers Tech Metrics; Tom Still commentary; interview with Tim Donohue

MADISON – The latest episode of “WisBusiness.com: The Show” features an interview with Tim Donohue, director of the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, which is creating next-generation biofuels and bioproducts. The Madison-based GLBRC is one only four federally funded laboratories of its kind.

It's a breeze: new Auburn team gears up to compete in state wind turbine competition

NEW AUBURN — Aliya North and Evelyn Cody are just breezing through their studies at New Auburn Middle School — so to speak.

The New Auburn eighth-graders have been perfecting the construction of a tabletop wind turbine, meticulously testing the performance and efficiency of various materials such as Styrofoam, plastic and balsa wood as they prepare to compete Saturday, March 30, in the Wisconsin KidWind Challenge in Madison.