Power Points

2017 Jul
July 26

Power Points

Transactive energy could be the apex of market evolution

In the coming years, the growth of distributed energy resources (DERs) – or smaller power sources that can be aggregated to meet regular demand – will reshape energy markets around the country. It’s a revolution already off to dramatic starts in states such as California, Hawaii, and New York.

2017 Mar
March 10

Solar power, net metering, & fixed rates

Power Points recently sat down with Tyler Huebner, executive director of the renewable energy advocacy and education organization Renew Wisconsin, to talk about net metering and solar growth across the U.S., as well as to get his take on the future of the solar market in Wisconsin and beyond.

2016 Nov
November 14

Cities could reap huge benefits from next generation transportation vehicles

Electric vehicles (EV) and other next generation transportation technologies have an important role to play in transitioning the U.S. to a clean energy economy. EVs have been shown to reduce oil use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 58%, a percentage that could climb even higher as the electric grid moves away from carbon energy generation. And while the U.S.

2016 Sep
September 19

Court says the social cost of carbon is real

The research community has warned for decades about the potential environmental and health costs of burning coal, oil, and natural gas, often pointing out that those costs can be measured in real dollars. But now the U.S. court system, as it begins to validate the science informing the social cost of carbon, seems to be listening.