Clean Energy Week

Clean energy technologies and clean energy jobs are critical to getting our economy back on track and ready for an emissions-free future. Join us Sept. 21–25 for our annual celebration of clean energy innovation and help solve the world’s most pressing challenges in nuclear, solar, wind, wave, hydropower, geothermal, natural gas, biomass, carbon capture, storage, and waste-to-energy technologies. Join us for National Clean Energy Week 2020, and help build the future.

All Week

A preview of the Wisconsin Energy Bingo card

Energy bingo

Celebrate Clean Energy Week by completing challenges from our Energy Bingo challenge! Get a bingo by completing five challenges and you could win a fun energy gadget and a reusable bag.

Preview of biofuels coloring page

Biofuels coloring page

Check out our Biofuels Coloring activity! Color in this image which was published on the cover of a scientific journal and designed to illustrate and accompany a research paper!

September 21

participants documenting energy history

Energy transitions oral history workshop

1:30pm | Online Workshop - Join from anywhere! As we experience an immense global transition away from fossil fuels, join the Wisconsin Energy Institute and the UW–Madison Archives in creating eyewitness accounts of these changes through student-led oral history interviews. This 45-minute workshop will introduce you and your class to oral history and equip your students to go out and record their own Energy Transitions Oral Histories for a special collection at the UW–Archives.

September 22

Banner image showing people doing an En-ROADS workshop at a table

Climate Change Solutions Lunch and Learn with Sustain Dane

12:00pm | Online Workshop - Join from anywhere! How can we collectively limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius? In the Climate Solutions Workshop, participants will identify strategies and test their impacts on global temperature using an interactive, cutting-edge computer simulation. Join us to create your own climate future using evidence-based modeling and engaging conversations. This is an online program and registration is required. Access information will be emailed to you prior to the program date.

September 23

Learner holding a ziplock bag with a fermentation experiment inside.

Grass to Gas: A Fermentation Experiment - Virtual Classroom Learning Series

10:00am | Online Scientists at UW–Madison and around the world are working to find ways to make the fuels and products we currently source from petroleum from plants instead – and they’re studying how to do so in a way that is sustainable and economical. Join this session for a hands-on introduction to bioenergy research. Follow along at home or school as we set up a fermentation experiment with materials from your kitchen or yard to understand some of the very same puzzles researchers in the lab are studying.

September 23

Banner image for biogas webinar showing a biogas facility.


12:00pm | Online Workshop - Join from anywhere! This webinar will present the basics of biogas and include a virtual tour of a facility, and discussions of how biogas compares with other renewables and opportunities and challenges for biogas in Wisconsin.

September 24

Four images of GLBRC research: switchgrass, microbes, fermentation

This Grass is Greener: What’s biofuel got to do with climate change and clean energy?

4:00pm | Online - Join from anywhere!

Scientists are on a mission to find ways to sustainably make fuels and products from plants like switchgrass and poplar instead of from petroleum. How does this fit into the transition to clean energy? Join us during National Clean Energy Week to meet researchers from the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center who work every day in the fields and the labs to turn plants into fuel. 

September 25

An illustration depicting buildings connected through data signals

New Engineering Applied Research (NEAR) Spotlight Series

9:00am | Online Workshop - Join from anywhere!

Join the Grainger Institute for Engineering on September 25 from 9:00am–11:00am for a discussion of the practical applications for emerging research on energy use, efficiency, and distribution.

September 21

image showing faces of the panelists.

Power from plants: how bioenergy benefits the world

6:00pm | Online - join from anywhere! Bioenergy done right can be a climate-friendly way to power the world. Scientists at the Department of Energy-funded Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center are finding ways to develop clean energy systems that benefit society and the environment, from diverse ecosystems to healthy waterways, soil, and air. Join us on Tuesday, September 21, at 6pm Central Time to hear from the researchers who are making bioenergy’s promises a reality.