Bioenergy Showcase

The 2013 Wisconsin Energy Institute (WEI) Bioenergy Showcase, held October 15-16 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, featured multiple facets of energy research, technology and development. With about 100 attendees representing science, engineering, industry and government, the Showcase emphasized recent innovations in bioenergy research and sparked conversations about technology scale-up and implementation.

The two-day event opened with a poster session and reception on Tuesday evening, showcasing promising research approaches and emerging technologies from the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center and UW-Madison for the public, industry, investors and other researchers. Wednesday featured a series of presentations focusing on diverse topics including emerging bioenergy research directions, university expertise, and examples of successful industry partnerships. The event closed with a highlight presentation from Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis on “The Future of Renewable Fuels.”

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Featured Presentations

William Barker, Cynthia Sweet, Stephanie Whitehorse: Accessing UW-Madison Roadmap for Industry

Brian Blank: Replacing Crude Oil as a Feedstock for Fuels and Chemicals

Timothy Donohue: Meeting the Energy Needs of a Growing Population

Tom Elgin and Carol Williams: Collaborative Approach to Grassland Restoration

Sage Kokjohn: Maximizing Engine Efficiency by Controllling Fuel Reactivity Using Conventional and Alternative Fuels

Gary Radloff: Biomass in a Sustainable Land Use/Agro/Energy System

David Rothamer: Design of Simple Drop-in Gasoline Biofuels

Bernie Steele: De-risking & Scale-up of Bio-based Technologies