Giri Venkataramanan


Electrical & Computer Engineering

College of Engineering

​Giri Venkataramanan's research program covers the major aspects of power conversion systems in different application areas of electric power generation, distribution, transmission and utilization systems. The horseshoe, the water wheel, the windmill, the steam engine ... systems for energy transport and power conversion have always been at the forefront of human imagination. Rooted in that tradition, modern electrical power converters have evolved through the interplay of historical, social, environmental and technological factors, among others. Venkataramanan and his group use careful empirical study, reinforced with analytical modeling to elucidate the role of these factors in determining the shape and form of electrical power converters.

  • Electrical power conversion
  • AC power flow control
  • Design of power converters
  • Distributed generation
  • Power converter architecture
  • Power converter packaging