| Kaine Korzekwa and Brian Mattmiller

The University of Wisconsin-Madison effort to launch a shared cryo-electron microscopy facility for the bioscience community is gathering momentum, with two new faculty hires and key technology investments this summer.


| Jill Sakai

In the 1970s, rising Brazilian sugar prices opened the door for domestically produced high fructose corn syrup to gain a foothold in the American food manufacturing industry. The sweetener was initially made with the intent of substituting it for sugar in existing applications.

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Media coverage of WEI this month focused on the production of acetaminophen using plants, CO2 air capture, and sustainability in the city of Madison and beyond.

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| Eric Hamilton

When Kit Carlson read that Monsanto was donating its Middleton research center to the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 2017, she knew it meant new opportunities for her students at Madison College.

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On Sept. 1, the Center for Genomic Science Innovation(CGSI) opens with the goal of developing innovative technological and computational genomic approaches to address modern problems in medicine, agriculture and basic scientific discovery.

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| Sam Million-Weaver

Pyran, a spinoff company based on technology developed in the laboratory of George Huber, the Richard L.

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| Max Witynski

Wisconsin’s dairy industry churns out huge quantities of valuable consumer products like milk, yogurt and cheese, but it also generates large volumes of coproducts that represent an economic liability for dairy companies.

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