WEI In the News: January Media Mentions

Science Moms, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, NBC15 News

Media coverage of WEI this month focused on national climate change action, the challenges and opportunities in biobased products, and a new climate change campaign led by climate scientist moms. 

Science Moms On Climate Change — Now It’s Personal!

Science Moms is an amalgamation of 6 female climate scientists, including Dr. Tracey Holloway, who have one thing in common. They are all mothers concerned about bequeathing a sustainable planet to their kids. Their objective is to educate other mothers and encourage them to work together to promote a progressive climate agenda locally, nationally, and internationally.

Pres. Biden’s swift action on climate change draws criticism and praise

President Joe Biden wasted no time his first day in office, signing more than a dozen executive order to start his term. The two executive actions he took on climate change drew criticism as well as praise. 

An expert on climate policy and Professor at the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s La Follette School of Public Affairs, Gregory Nemet, said the move puts the U.S. back on the world stage.

Challenges In Using Plant Materials To Create More Wisconsin Products

UW–Madison and Great Lakes Bioenergy researchers are exploring turning plant material, like that used to make paper or switchgrass grown in fields, into synthetic materials such as plastic. We talk with two experts about the barriers to using these Wisconsin products to create bioproducts.