More-Electric or All-Electric Aircraft for a Sustainable Future

In this Sustainable Energy Seminar, Bulent Sarlioglu, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, will review trends, challenges, and opportunities for electrifying commercial aircraft.


Is it possible to achieve an electrically propelled commercial passenger aircraft using batteries or fuel cells? What about hybrid aircraft? The electrification of aircraft is becoming a hot topic for potential benefits including reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, noise, and the cost of flying. In this seminar, Dr. Sarlioglu gives a review of the current and future trends of the electrification of commercial aviation. In the first part, the benefits of electrification are presented as well as the research motivation. Secondly, the status of electrifications in commercial aircraft, including the power system, main engine start (MES), and environmental control system (ECS), is presented. Next, the future trends of more electric aircraft (MEA) are introduced, e.g., electric taxi, hybrid-electric propulsion, or even full electric aircraft. Lastly, the enabling technologies for MEA are introduced, such as high-efficiency power electronics, high-speed electric machines, and energy storage technologies. 

1115 Wisconsin Energy Institute
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Madison, WI 53726