Bulent Sarlioglu

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

College of Engineering

Bulent Sarlioglu's research interests encompass analysis, modeling, simulation, and prototyping of various existing or newly conceived electrical machines, drives, and power electronic circuits to achieve better weight and volume, better efficiency and better power density. To this end, his current research involves characterization and reduction of losses in electric machines, reducing power losses in power electronic circuitries, and achieving robust control topologies for steady state and transient performance. Sarlioglu has special interests in adaptation of new materials, topologies, and techniques for electrical machine design and power electronics to further the research. The research results are targeted to benefit renewable energy, hybrid/electric vehicles, aerospace and naval applications.

  • Electric machines, drives, motors, and new topologies
  • Electrification of vehicles
  • Power electronics using wide band-gap devices
  • Electric actuation systems
  • Automotive, aerospace, naval and renewable energy applications
  • Complex and interdisciplinary power system architecture