UW–Madison Climate Justice Teach-in

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The time to act on climate solutions is now. Yet with so much to do, where do we start? All meaningful climate action can be jumpstarted with one simple step: talking about it.

This April, join fellow Badgers, and people all across the globe, in taking part of the Worldwide Teach-In on Climate Justice.

Through solutions-focused conversations, the Teach-In seeks to inspire students and community members to address climate change by aligning their personal strengths, interests, and academic paths with the climate solutions that need doing. This year, UW–Madison’s Teach-In will take two main approaches: the #MakeClimateAClass initiative and a Teach-In event. 

#MakeClimateAClass - Throughout April 

Instructors teaching a course during the Spring 2023 semester are encouraged to incorporate discussion of climate change and climate solutions into their syllabi. For the first half of this period, we invite instructors to speak to how climate relates to their discipline. For the second half, we encourage instructors to invite a former student or department alum whose work relates to climate change to join the class and discuss their career path.

All students - no matter their field of study or academic path - deserve to hear how they can contribute to climate solutions and play a role in the movement to address climate change.

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Teach-In Event - April 25th

The 2023 teach-in will culminate in a plenary event open to the entire campus community, featuring a panel of UW students acting on climate, a keynote and discussion. More info to come!

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Options For K-12 Students & Teachers

K-12 educators are encouraged to participate in the Worldwide Teach-In. The #MakeClimateAClass initiative–feasible for any subject–is a great way to involve students in environmental justice discussions and instill them with the confidence that they can be a part of a global climate solution, regardless of their career path.

Especially dedicated educators can take the pledge to #Teach10Hours4Climate, expanding upon the #MakeClimateAClass initiative to incorporate ten hours of climate education into their instructional plans over the course of the school year. Resources about these options can be found below, or by contacting Marina Kerekes (mkerekes@wisc.edu) and Lucas LoBreglio (lobreglio@wisc.edu).

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