The Bioenergy Farm Game

Middle School High School Undergraduate
Stand-Alone Activity

In this board game, players take on the role of bioenergy crop farmers trying to earn a living while being good environmental stewards. In the process, players explore the economic and environmental tradeoffs associated with growing different bioenergy crops. The game also serves as an engaging way to explore a range of environmental issues and ecological interactions related to climate change mitigation, biodiversity conservation, water quality and sustainable agriculture. 

Extend the learning by combining this activity with The Science of Farming research story, Growing Energy data dive, Biomass Yield and Root Growth in Crops field investigations, Root Depth Model, and Fields of Fuel computer game.

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Environmental Science

Social Studies

Biodiversity & Evolution

Carbon Cycle & Climate Change


Plants & Photosynthesis

Sustainable Energy Systems

Sustainability, biodiversity, carbon cycle, energy, water quality, photosynthesis, climate change, ecosystem services, sustainable agriculture, annual vs perennial, economics

Familiarity with basic farming practices, sustainability concepts, photosynthesis and the carbon cycle

Two to five 50-minute class periods

One die per a game board. Everything else needed to play the game is included in this package.