Kumar Sridharan

Distinguished Research Professor

Engineering Physics

College of Engineering

Kumar Sridharan's research spans a broad spectrum of areas in materials science including high temperature materials, surface treatments, wear, corrosion, and plasma-based surface engineering and synthesis of materials. His specific research focus in regards to energy is on materials isssues in nuclear and fossil power systems, and molten salts for storage of process heat from nuclear and solar, and other energy sources.

  • Nuclear reactor materials research and development
  • Irradiation effects in materials
  • Corrosion of materials
  • High temperature materials
  • Physical metallurgy and mechanical behavior of materials
  • Ion implantation and plasma-assisted thin film deposition of materials
  • Surface modifications and coatings including nanoscale processes and materials
  • Emerging and commercial surface engineering technologies
  • Wear and nanotribology of materials
  • Processing-structure-properties-performance relationships in materials
  • Conventional and advanced materials characterization and analysis techniques
  • Materials applications, challenges, and solutions for a broad spectrum of industrial applications
  • Failure analysis