James Tinjum

Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Director of the Geological Engineering Program

College of Engineering

James Tinjum's academic/consulting background and research/teaching/outreach interests are interdisciplinary, covering facets of geotechnical, geological, environmental, transportation, and sustainable energy engineering. Tinjum conducts research in energy geotechnics (wind energy site civil, geotechnical, and structural design; evaluation of campus- and district-scale geothermal heating and cooling systems), the beneficial reuse of industrial byproducts (cement kiln dust, coal-combustion residuals, and lime for subgrade improvement and cementitious stabilization of pavement layers), life cycle environmental analysis of geo systems, remediation of contaminated sites, and heat transfer in porous media (soil and rock).

  • Environmental geotechnics including waste containment systems
  • Energy geotechnics including heat transfer in geothermal systems and buried power cables
  • Thermal and transportation geotechnics
  • Characterization of geosynthetic materials
  • Containment, stabilization, and remediation of contaminated waste
  • Beneficial reuse of industrial byproducts
  • Siting and environmental constraints with offshore wind