Thank you

Forward in Energy Forum Participants Kristyn Masters, Vilas Distinguished Professor, H.I. Romnes Faculty Fellow, & biomedical engineering department vice chair; Andrea Hicks, assistant professor of civil & environmental engineering; Tina Nielsen, GLBRC associate director; and Raluca Scarlat, honorary associate of engineering physics discuss how to inspire women to enter and stay in the energy workforce. James Runde

At UW–Madison’s hub for cutting-edge energy discovery, we love to serve our constituency: you.

We are thankful that hundreds of passionate members of the WEI community passed through our doors to attend an event, tour, talk, or meeting in the past year.

Holding events such as our Forward in Energy Forum focusing on women in energy helped shed light on a crucial key to our success: that the more voices we have to research low-carbon, resilient, and reliable energy systems, the better. 

We thank you for giving your time, your energy, and your resources to make our team even bigger and better in 2018. 

In 2019, we hope you keep using your voice by:
•    sharing news of the groundbreaking work of UW–Madison scientists; 
•    attending an event in our building or on campus focused on energy issues; and 
•    making your gift to fund energy research here at UW–Madison.

The foundation of our work lies in making our community better – and you are the bedrock of that foundation. In providing a public forum for the exchange of forward-looking ideas, our doors are always open, so drop us a line!