Earth RepAIR

From waste to a solid mineral: a new technology that captures CO2 from the atmosphere and cleans up the planet

Earth RepAIR is a new technology that recycles waste materials that already exist to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and safely store it as a stable mineral. The team, led by future climate leaders committed to mitigating the climate crisis through carbon removal, use an innovative process that occurs at ambient conditions—no heat input or pressurization needed—thereby reducing costs and emissions, giving us a higher net sequestration of CO2.

The UW–Madison technology is an integrated system built around concepts pioneered by Bu Wang, an assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering in the College of Engineering, Rob Anex, a professor of biological systems engineering in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and a dozen undergraduate and graduate students in engineering, CALS, the College of Letters and Science and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.

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