What are the Bottlenecks of Bioenergy?

Randy Jackson
Randy Jackson


Randy Jackson, professor of grassland ecology, Department of Agronomy; co-lead of sustainability research, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center

About the talk

Nine years ago, Jackson outlined and planned a research portfolio for assessing the sustainability of second-generation bioenergy production. What have we learned between then and now? Why hasn’t the bioenergy sector grown as anticipated? We must couple our research-based understanding of bioenergy systems with courageous policy-making if the promise of bioenergy is to be realized.

About the speaker

Born, raised, and educated in California, Jackson has been a professor in the Department of Agronomy since 2003. He earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from UW–Riverside in 1990, a master’s in natural resource sciences from Humboldt State University in 1997, and a PhD in ecosystem sciences from UC–Berkeley in 2002. Jackson’s focus is understanding how the type and management of plant and microbial communities in grasslands and agricultural ecosystems influence their ability to conserve and build soil, stabilize climate, reduce flooding, and promote biodiversity.

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