Renewable energy and electric grids – An optimal combination?

In this Sustainable Energy Seminar, Line Roald, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, will discuss optimization-based methods to integrate increasing amounts of renewable energy onto the electric grid.


Renewable energy generators such as wind turbines or solar panels are powered by nature. While this allows for production of clean and emission-free energy, the amount of available electricity is determined by the weather which is time-varying and uncertain. Maintaining a reliable supply of electricity requires a perfect match between produced and consumed electricity and careful use of transmission line capacity, which was traditionally achieved by adjusting the power output of large, thermal power plants. Since renewable generation cannot be controlled in the same way, electric system operators need new methods to manage this challenging balancing act. This presentation will review what renewable energy means to the grid and discuss our research aimed at developing methods to ensure safe, economic operations of sustainable energy systems using data-driven, optimization-based methods.

1115 Wisconsin Energy Institute
1552 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53726