Nuclear Energy and Society

Despite recent economic challenges for nuclear energy, there is continued enthusiasm for advanced nuclear reactor technologies, particularly small modular reactors. Join a collection of UW–Madison researchers for a discussion about these emerging technologies and the socio-economic environment in which they could integrate into a changing energy system.

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Michael CorradiniMichael Corradini
Former WEI Director
Professor Emeritus, Engineering Physics

Michael Corradini is a mechanical and nuclear engineer with research interests centered primarily in thermal hydraulics and multiphase flow. He especially emphasizes the areas of reactor operation, reactor safety, reprocessing, and recycle and risk assessment.


Todd AllenTodd Allen
Professor, Engineering Physics
Todd Allen is interested in developing fuels and materials for advanced nuclear energy systems. His research focuses on the unique challenges involving high-temperature corrosion and radiation damage from high-energy particles.​



ScarlatRaluca Scarlat
Assistant Professor, Engineering Physics
Raluca Scarlat's research group investigates the transport of tritium and other radioisotopes in molten fluoride salts and graphite fuel elements. She studies freezing transients of fluoride salt coolants from the point of view of thermal-hydraulic phenomenology, nuclear reactor transients, and safety analysis.



Jake BlanchardJames "Jake" Blanchard
Duane H. and Dorothy M. Bluemke Professor, Engineering Physics
James Blanchard's research interests include radiation damage in fission and fusion environments, fusion reactor design, laser-induced stresses, and nuclear microbatteries. The design of fusion and fission reactor components requires an understanding of radiation effects in high temperature environments. Blanchard and his students carry out studies of the effects of high heat flux and radiation on structural materials in extreme environments.

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