KidWind Challenge

The KidWind Challenge in Wisconsin will have two categories of participants:

Event Challenge Division -  This will consist of teams that construct and bring a fully built turbine to the challenge. You will test your turbine in a wind tunnel, meet judges and also do instant challenges.  Teams that participate and place in this division will be eligible to attend the National KidWind Challenge at Windpower 2018.

Instant Challenge Division - This will consist of teams that attend and participate in a variety of instant wind challenges. Middle- or high school can bring a team of students to join this division without prior preparation.

The day will also be filled with interactive lab tours and discussions about renewable energy, its impact on Wisconsin and the careers in these emerging fields. Interested? Contact Scott Williams or register a team now!

What is a KidWind Challenge and what happens?

The KidWind Challenge seeks to engage students in the opportunities and challenges of a wind-powered society.  Student teams that participate in the Challenge construct a wind turbine that they test in a wind tunnel, document and present the process by which they researched and constructed the turbine, understand the consequences of how we generate and consume energy, and engage in a variety of instant challenges to gauge their on-the-spot engineering and problem-solving skills. This 20 minute webinar lays out more details.

Visit for more information about the Challenge and its impact. Here are some curricular tools we use to get teachers started thinking about building turbines and how to prepare for a KidWind Challenge.

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