How to Scale up and Sustain Community Engagement in Environmental Policymaking: Integrating Digital Crowdsourcing and Data Science with In-Person Engagement

In this Sustainable Energy Seminar, Dr. Kaiping Chen, assistant professor of life sciences communication, will discuss the use of digital tools and in-person community engagement for inclusive decision-making in sustainability and climate justice.

Kaiping Chen Chen


Climate change has brought disproportionate impacts to different communities, intensifying intersectional and intergenerational inequality. Addressing sustainability and justice in climate policymaking is a critical challenge facing various levels of government. This has been made even more urgent due to the Biden Administration’s 2030 Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Target. Climate policy, like many issues in science policymaking, cuts across many different and competing policy domains like affordable housing, food security, and mental health. Climate is a wicked problem, and addressing wicked problems requires a collective decision process that can integrate different knowledges.
On May 1, Dr. Kaiping Chen (University of Wisconsin-Madison) will share her research and practice in science communication to introduce how policymakers can harness online tools and strategies, and in-person community engagement for effective and inclusive public policymaking around issues like climate resilience. She will also showcase how to collect and analyze large-scale community data for evidence-driven policymaking in sustainability issues. You can check Dr. Kaiping Chen’s work here:

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