Embodied Carbon Emissions in Construction Materials: the Last Mile to Decarbonization

In this Sustainable Energy Seminar, Dr. Bu Wang, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, will discuss strategies to mitigate carbon emissions from construction materials, particularly cement and steel, which are major components of modern infrastructure but thus far have been difficult to decarbonize.


Modern infrastructure is a major contributor to anthropogenic carbon emissions. To limit the impact of climate change, drastic actions need to be taken in the next 10-30 years to reduce net carbon emission down to zero. These actions will impact all industrial sectors, including cement and steel manufacturing that have direct implications on the construction of physical infrastructure. This talk will discuss embodied carbon emissions in infrastructure projects, carbon emission mitigation methods for construction materials manufacturing, and implications of these mitigation strategies. 

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For more background on this topic, view the video "Concrete Climate Ideas: Girl Scouts Talk Building Materials and Embodied Carbon" by Girl Scout Troops 1477 and 1952 of the Wisconsin Badgerland Council.

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