Disruptive Technologies in the Transition to Renewable Energy: The Future of Energy Production and Storage  

In this Sustainable Energy Seminar, Michael Winokur, Professor Emeritus of Physics, will discuss supportive technologies to accelerate adoption of renewable energy.


Many forms of renewable energy are based on mature technologies (e.g. single layer solar cells, wind, hydro) and while now economically competitive there are clear limitations for each. This talk will focus on a number of complimentary developing technologies that, if successful, will both reduce and/or displace the consumption of fossil fuels and thereby accelerate the transition to an energy portfolio centered around renewable energy. Specific examples include supercritical CO2 turbines, hydrogen production and tandem solar cells. Novel energy storage systems, such as those based on chemical redox reactions and solid state chemistry, will also be discussed.

1115 Wisconsin Energy Institute
1552 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53726