2022 Wisconsin KidWind Challenge - Saturday, February 26, 2022

The KidWind Challenge is a hands-on wind turbine design competition that engages middle and high school students in STEM through the lens of wind energy. Student teams bring small-scale wind turbines that they've designed to the challenge where they will be tested in a wind tunnel. Teams will meet with a panel of expert judges to present their design process and demonstrate their contextual knowledge of wind energy and tackle instant challenge activities. 

We are thrilled to announce that the 2022 WI KidWind Challenge will take place on Saturday, February 26th at the Discovery Building at the University of Wisconsin - Madison campus. 

Who can participate?

Any group of students in grades 4 to 12 is eligible to enter a team. This includes students from public and private schools, home schoolers, after school clubs, Scout troops, etc. As long as you have a coach and a team, you can attend! Teams of 2-6 students seem to work best.

The Challenge is free to compete in and attend. 


At the Challenge, student teams will:

  • Test their energy output in a competition-grade wind tunnel
  • Present in front of a panel of expert judges
  • Complete instant challenges that test teamwork and hands-on thinking
  • Hear from college students studying renewable energy and competing in the collegiate wind competition
  • Explore green careers 

The top performing teams/students from each division (Middle School, High School, Open Generator) will be invited to participate in the 2022 National KidWind Challenge to be held in San Antonio, Texas the third week of May.

Friends and family are welcome to come support their teams (and may get a chance to try their skill at turbine design too!) 

Ready to get started?


Registration will close on January 14th, 2022. From now until then you may make and edit your registration submissions. 

For detailed information on preparing for a challenge, download the 2020-21 KidWind Challenge Rulebook. (The updated 2021-22 Challenge Rulebook will be available soon.) In the rulebook you'll see example scoring rubrics.

Need gear?

Limited Renewable Energy Education Kits are available for Wisconsin Teachers who'd like to bring a team of students to the Challenge, but don't have the means to purchase gear. Please contact outreach@energy.wisc.edu for more information.

Questions or comments? Want to know more? Contact us at outreach@energy.wisc.edu!

Join WI KidWind Challenge Coordinators and other coaches at our upcoming drop-in coaches happy hours (Nov 18th and January 13th). Register for the happy hours here.


Molly Carlson, a Science Teacher at Mauston High School, shares her experience at the 2020 Wisconsin KidWind Challenge.
Discovery Building at UW–Madison
330 N Orchard St.
Madison, WI 53715