Research Story: Entomology Detectives

Middle School High School
Reading Research Story

"Someone or something has been attacking the waxworm larvae in local corn and grass fields. GLBRC Entomology detectives want to find out who is responsible and thank them for their service..." This short reading and accompanying worksheet offers a window into how GLBRC scientists are investigating the insect populations in different crops and the services they provide to farmers. Research stories give students a window into the work of professional scientists and engineers. This allows students to see how the processes of school science are reflected in the real world while building literacy skills with science-specific content. This research story can also be used in conjunction with hands-on activities, such as the Farming for Bees Beetles and Biomass Data Dive and Bug Biodiversity and Ecosystem Benefits field investigation, to illustrate how student investigations mirror actual science and real-world problems.

For more information, read this short introduction to research stories and how to use them in science classes.

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Environmental Science

Biodiversity & Evolution


Literacy, biodiversity, ecosystem services, nature of science

Familiarity with invertebrates, predator-prey relationships, habitats and the concept of biodiversity helpful.

20-50 minutes depending on time spent in class discussion

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