Mini Fermenter

High School Undergraduate

This mini fermenter can be used to conduct small-scale fermentation investigations or demonstrations similar to research done by GLBRC scientists. The design allows for students to use simple techniques and classroom-grade probes to collect data during fermentation on a range of variables, such as ethanol concentration, CO2 production, temperature and pH. The complete mini fermenter can be built with readily-available supplies for approximately $20 (detailed supplies list included with instructions).

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Environmental Science

Fermentation & Enzymes

Fermentation, respiration, data analysis

Approximately 2 hours to construct.

32 oz polystyrene container and cap, plastic tubing clamp, 3 cc syringe, glass thermometer, magnetic stir bar, aquarium tubing, rubber stoppers, 5 mm glass tubing, mini aquarium heater, airlock, magnetic stir station. Approximately $20 for materials.