Microgrid Sustainable Energy Exploration Station

Elementary Middle School High School
Stand-Alone Activity Exploration Station

This Exploration Station is designed to introduce learners to the basics of microgrids and new approaches to generating and distributing electrical power in communities. "Exploration Stations" are educational activities that invite learners to interact with materials in a hands-on manner at their own pace. Learners will discover the advantages of microgrids through the manipulation of educational circuit boards that incorporate renewable energy components in tandem with the existing utility grid. Learners can spend as much time with the activity as they choose. One or more facilitators lead the activity, taking cues from the learners and encouraging scientific inquiry and experimentation.

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Earth Science


Environmental Science

Physical Science


Sustainable Energy Systems

Renewable Energy, Electricity, Circuits

Approximately 2 hours to construct

"Snap Circuits" kits and parts, fan, lamp, power supply, dowell rods, wood, glue, sandpaper, screws, washers, wire cutters, wire. See instructions for details.