Energy and Health Exploration Station

Elementary Middle School High School Nonformal
Stand-Alone Activity Exploration Station

This Exploration Station is designed to introduce learners to the human health impacts of different energy sources. Learners identify energy uses and sources on a table-top illustration of a landscape. They then match the energy uses to different pollutants and potential health impacts. Advanced discussion about the physical and chemical composition of gaseous and particulate emissions can be pursued at the discretion of the facilitator based on the level of the learner audience. "Exploration Stations" are educational activities that invite learners to interact with materials in a hands-on manner at their own pace.

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Earth Science

Environmental Science

Social Studies

Sustainable Energy Systems

Energy Systems, Sustainability, Human Health, Air Pollution, Water Pollution

Approximately 2 hours to construct

Energy and Health poster (included), Source and Use chips (included), Emissions clouds (included), poker chips, free-standing photo holders. See instructions for details.