Steven Loheide

Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

College of Engineering

Steven Loheide's research examines science and engineering aspects of the movement of water through the environment as related to the complex and changing interactions among water needed for municipal and industrial uses, agriculture, and natural ecosystems. Much of Loheide's research is focused on improving the scientific context of ecosystem restoration with explicit consideration of the changing climate. In particular, he and his research group develop methods to quantify and understand the processes controlling the exchange of water between groundwater, vadose water, vegetation, streams and the atmosphere.

  • Hydroecology/ ecohydrology
  • Hydrogeology
  • River restoration
  • Food-water-energy nexus
  • Remote sensing
  • Hydrologic consequences of climate change
  • Vegetative water use / vegetation patterning
  • Sustainable land-use practices
  • Stream-aquifer interactions
  • Ecosystem function / services
  • Human interaction with aquatic ecosystems