Mario F. Trujillo

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Engine Research Center and Engineering Physics Affiliate

College of Engineering

Mario F. Trujillo has worked in a variety of two-phase flow phenomena from molecular dynamics of droplet vaporization to full-scale simulations of the bubbly wake behind Navy vessels. Mario received his Ph.D. from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Illinois-CU in 2001. He is a former DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellow and worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (T-3 Fluid Dynamics) developing two-phase flow codes for high-pressure conditions (KIVA). He was research faculty at the Applied Research Laboratory of the Pennsylvania State University, where he studied bubbly flows, critical droplet vaporization from a continuum and molecular dynamics perspective, Lagrangian particle dynamics, and interface tracking methodologies. His current interests include the numerical development and utilization of fully-resolved interfacial capturing techniques to study two-phase flows exhibiting heat transfer, phase change, and characterized by hydrodynamic breakup.

  • Liquid sprays in a crossflow
  • Liquid breakup and particle advection dynamics
  • Multiple droplet impingement heat transfer
  • Two-phase flow heat transfer numerics
  • Computational characterization of plunging of liquid jets on a quiescent pool
  • Interface capturing methods