Gerald Kulcinski

Grainger Professor of Nuclear Engineering-Emeritus; Director Emeritus, Fusion Technology Institute

College of Engineering

Gerald Kulcinski's research involves developing fusion reactors as future sources of clean, safe and economical energy. His specific interests are in using advanced fuels such as D-3He to generate electricity. The D-3He fuel cycle has on the order of 1 percent of its energy in neutrons instead of the 80 percent typical of the DT cycleOther research includes designing and analyzing Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) reactors and materials problems associated with ICF and MCF (Magnetically Confined Fusion) reactors. The use of lasers on ion beams can present some unique advantages as well as problems to future power plants. Methods to investigate the problems are being devised.

  • Magnetic/inertial fusion reactor systems studies
  • Radiation damage and nuclear materials
  • Near term applications of fusion energy
  • Lunar mining of helium-3