Fang Liu

Assistant Professor in Materials Science and Engineering

College of Engineering

Fang Liu joined the Department of Materials Science and Engineering as an Assistant Professor in August 2022. Fang obtained her B.S. in Polymer Engineering from Jilin University. She obtained her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from UC Los Angeles in 2018 where she worked with Prof. Yunfeng Lu studying the working mechanism of high energy density lithium-sulfur batteries. Most recently, she is a postdoctoral scholar working with Prof. Yi Cui at Stanford University. Her postdoctoral research involves lithium metal batteries, fast changing protocol development and solid-state batteries.

Her research group at UW-Madison will design and develop high-throughput experimentation platforms to accelerate material discovery for transportation and electric power grid. Projects will include the synthesis and characterization of new battery materials as well as the development of energy devices for sustainability.

• Energy storage technology
• Batteries for transportation and power grid
• High-throughput experimentation
• Ion intercalation and separation
• CO2 capture and conversion