Daniel Amador-Noguez

Assistant Professor


College of Agricultural & Life Sciences

Daniel Amador-Noguez’s research focuses on metabolomics and metabolic regulation in biofuel-producing bacteria, bacterial biofilms, and the human gut microbiome. His current Great Lakes Bioenergy research integrates systems-level analyses – especially metabolomics, computational modeling, and genetic engineering – to advance understanding of metabolism in a variety of emerging biofuel producing microorganisms, including Z. mobilis, C. thermocellum, S. cerevisiae, and others. With this work, Amador-Noguez aims to develop a systems-level analysis of metabolic regulation in biofuel producing microorganisms and engineer symbiotic microbial consortia for biofuel production.

  • Metabolomics and metabolic regulation in biofuel producing bacteria
  • Bacterial biofilms
  • Human gut microbiome