Wisconsin Strategic Bioenergy Feedstock Assessment

Wisconsin Strategic Bioenergy Feedstock Assessment

The Wisconsin Division of Energy services contracted with the now-dissolved Wisconsin Bioenergy Initiative (WBI) to complete a strategic assessment of biomass in our state to see what renewable energy business opportunities might best be targeted and what policy changes might assist advancing these opportunities. Too often biomass assessments only provide a snapshot in time of overall state feedstock quantity. To better filter out barriers and opportunities and to see what makes strategic sense for Wisconsin, the WBI looked at a combination of biomass quantity, quality, price factors, and conversion technology. First, a review of the existing literature on biomass quantity studies was done along with other relevant topics. The research team completed extensive biomass quality analysis to match up feedstock with best production uses. Finally, a robust price analysis was done in the woody biomass sector to make sure consideration was given to the highest and best use for wood products and economic growth. The research team then took all this work to examine regional or even local opportunity for biomass energy site locations.

Price Dynamics in Wisconsin Woody Biomass

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Wisconsin Strategic Biomass Assessment