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July 11, 2016

The U.S. Department of Energy recently awarded more than $35 million through its Nuclear Energy University Program (NEUP) to support university-led nuclear energy research and development projects, including a total of about $3 million in grants for UW-Madison researchers.

July 05, 2016

Back in 2005, Wisconsin Distinguished Professor of Engineering Physics Michael Corradini sent an email to then chancellor John Wiley to make a case for creating an energy institute at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. What the campus needed, he argued, was an energy meta-center that could help facilitate and expand the university’s clean energy research and education.


July 05, 2016

NovoMoto—an innovative startup co-founded by two University of Wisconsin–Madison engineering graduate students—won third place and $20,000 in the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2016 Cleantech University Prize National Competition on June 23, 2016.

July 01, 2016

Professor Shannon Stahl will receive the 2016 Mitsui Chemicals Catalysis Science Award at the November meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan. Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. established the award in 2004 in order to contribute to the sustainable development of chemistry and the chemical industry.

Stahl electrochemistry

June 27, 2016

In research that could one day allow fuel cells to be fueled by biomass rather than hydrogen gas, a University of Wisconsin—Madison lab has found a pair of catalysts that oxidize alcohols with significantly better energy efficiency. Alcohols are a broad group of organic chemi

Light and Matter

June 21, 2016

UW-Madison engineers helped reveal the answer to a quantum-mechanical mystery based on measurements of the behavior of electrons on unprecedentedly small time-scales.

microbiome bacteria

June 14, 2016

Since the 17th century, when Antonie van  Leeuwenhoek first observed microorganisms through the lens of a rudimentary microscope, humans have slowly come to appreciate that ours is a germy world.


June 03, 2016

If you drive — or even if you don't — fuel prices are probably on your mind.

But paying more at the pump isn't the only thing people are concerned about; they're also increasingly aware that relying on gasoline is terrible for the planet.

Vatsan Raman

June 02, 2016

Vatsan Raman, a CALS assistant professor of biochemistry, is one of two University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists selected to receive a 2016 Shaw Scientist Award from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. 

National Wind Competition

May 28, 2016

What if the power of the wind could help villagers in rural India stay in touch via cellphone?

That was the goal of a wind turbine designed by a team of UW-Madison students and presented this week in a national contest sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Fifteen students created a turbine prototype with blades in a double-helix shape, like DNA.